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Rights to The City

These photographs are a selection of images take from a project based in London and Salvador de Bahia.

The aim of this project was to understand how key urban and social development plans were being interpreted at a grassroots level.  

Following interviews with grass roots activists, photographs were taken with the final images being selected by the activist to promote further debate.

The activists who participated in the project were drawn from a network based around fieldwork in urban development planning and social development practice at London University (Just Space, the Reclaim Our Spaces Coalition, and Citizens UK) and the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the Universidade Federal da Bahia (‘lugar comum’ (common space)).

The project is funded by the UCL  ‘Connected Curriculum’  - liberating the curriculum grant, which aims to challenge  ‘euro-centric, white-hegemonic, male-dominated academic narratives instead drawing on  black, queer, disabled, and feminist contributions and critiques.’

Shown here are a selection of portraits and images taken on location in Salvador de Bahia and London.


Urban Claims and the Right to the City: Grassroots Perspectives from Salvador Da Bahia and London

 (UCL Press)

This is a selection of images from the project

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