angus stewart

The first thing that strikes you when you meet Angus is his ability to charmingly disarm your defences. It's this trust that enables him the privilege of capturing those almost intangible connections that exist between people.


He has a particular passion and expertise for documentary style photography and has been engaged with the burlesque and circus communities for many years - Angus often prefers the honesty of the behind the scenes or closed rehearsal environments to capture his trademark reportage 'moment in time' shots – when the performers are more at ease​

Angus' work with the entertainment and cabaret community includes photographing, the Cheek Of It school of burlesque, Teaser's Toolkit, and circus shows / companies Limbo, Cantina, Driftwood, Strutt&Fret, Company2 and Casus.

Despite studying English Literature, he chose to pursue his passion for connecting with people through photography rather than prose. Having learned to develop and print at school he revelled in being able to show to the world from his viewpiont. He now works primarily with digital Leica rangefinders to capture the tales of his subjects however, he also uses polaroid and 5x4 analogue cameras, he continues to print his own work at home.​

Recently Angus has started to achieve recognition and acclaim from the global photographic community. He is currently working on a project with the University of London and UFBA in Brazil and has been recognised for his applied documentary photography by the Royal Photographic Society. ​

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