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Mascul is a photographic exploration of masculinity and what it encompasses.

The name is taken from the root of masculine  (originally mas) that forms the basis of the the word in many languages (mascu, mascul, masculi, masculin, masculine, etc) . 

The project will be a collection of images that show male or male identified people demonstrating a range of different interpretations of masculinity or male-ness

My own experience is of being raised (70s, 80s) in a rural community,  there were expectations of what a man is, how a man behaves, what it is to be masculine but this was never an encouragement to be me, or explore or discover me, but to 'be a man' - this was a vague and unspecified thing that I was not very good at - it’s taken me a while to start to look at this is more detail. 

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