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Lockdown Portraits

Lockdown Portraits is a series of double portraits, one created pre and one during lockdown via video call, which show the private experience of lockdown and different reactions to it - plus one photobombing dog. 


Some people are clearly at ease at home, some find the isolation challenging, the character of each of the subject shines through both portraits but we are shown the disconnect between formal portraiture and private experience.    


In these images, therefore, lockdown brings us closer to people via technology rather than separating us.


Moving between comparison and contrast, the colour image refers to the original b&w portrait but is never a simple re-creation, together the two highlight the differences between then and now.


The portraits were created between April and June 2020 by setting up two monitors in a blacked-out studio, one monitor showing a portrait taken pre-lockdown, on the other was the video call, the two were then shot as a single image. 


There are a total of 18 images and a hand made book.

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