London Burlesque - The Family Album

Here is a short video showing The Family Album, a collection of my photographs from burlesque events, front and backstage, taken over the past 8 years


The majority of the pictures look beyond the striptease act itself to the friendships, support structures and familial bonds that exist offstage, the things that make a community and are often overlooked by casual observers


Everyone here is on a journey, personally, creatively, professionally - and everyone is supported on that journey by a community made up of friends and family. It can be sexy, it can be political; it can be serious, and it can also be a lot of fun.


The book will be published in 2022 as a collection of photographs and include interviews with performers, producers, teachers.    The book will be ‘loose leafed’ such that the folding and unfolding of the pages replicates the acts of dressing and undressing on stage.


This is my experience of a small section of the London burlesque and cabaret community.