leadership in lambeth

This commission is part of the Lambeth Town Hall Arts Programme and involved a three month residency creating a set of portraits representing leadership in the borough today, the completed project will be exhibited at the Town Hall in 2020.   

Lambeth is a  large inner London borough with a diverse ethnic and cultural mix as well as the largest LGTB community in the country.  In 1903 a set of civic portraits were created of the borough leaders, which  hang in the Town Hall, this commission is to reference the original portraits while representing Lambeth today. 


Starting by identifying two distinct types of leadership: formal, where someone holds a position by vote or appointment; and informal where someone holds a position by common consent, e.g. community leader, I wished to capture both and hang them side by side as these two forms of leadership will often work together but sometimes in opposition. ​


Each selected leader was interviewed to establish what they think leadership is and how they demonstrate it, we would then discuss how that might be represented visually, including demeanour, location and props before progressing to the portrait itself.  ​

Each person was asked to sit in the same chair, a modern interpretation of a Victorian 'wingback' in reference to the original Civic Portraits though the chair was taken to each person's place of work. 


The output would be set of eight portraits that show the various  leaders in such a way as to express the person’s character or role, and demonstrating as a group some of the diversity that constitutes the borough of Lambeth today. ​

The commission is supported by Lambeth Town Hall Arts Program and Photofusion (www.photofusion.org)