Rights To The City - Brazil - angusstewart

I was invited to work on a project with the UCL Bartlet Facility and UFBA working in  Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, looking at issues of 'access rights to the city'.   

Representatives of different organisations and community leaders were interviewed around three topics (one topic chosen by the interviewer, one by the interviewee and finally 'Rights To The City' ).

Following the interview  I discussed with the interviewees how the topics might be represented visually, then took a set of images and the interviewees then selected their preferred image for each topic.

Acervo da Laje - Memory - Hands

Acervo da Laje - Memory - Hands

Memory has an impact on the senses: the sense of belonging and the sense of dignity. You give power to the other person to be fully themselves. history project